Big H Products - Hobo & Brown Recluse Spider Traps - Case of 24 Packages

Big H Products, Inc.

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Product Overview

Sold Normally in Northwest USA which is the main Hobo Territory - Includes 24 packages (120 traps) non-poisonous, naturally baited, natural attractant glue traps and 24 sets of instructions including a picture of a bite.These traps are recommended for Brown Recluse spiders, Hobo Spiders, Australian Indoor spiders, and several other country's indoor spider problems.These traps represent a safe way of controlling spiders that come roving indoors where possible human contact could occur and at the same time allowing the beneficial spiders to live and do their job.  These traps are identical to the Brown Recluse & Indoor Spider Traps they are just in a different package with a slightly different label

Please call 877-877-5113 for orders shipping outside of the lower 48 United States.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review